Little Sisters

  • Meet The Lovely Ladies of Sigma Nu

  • "Being a Lady of Sigma Nu is about more than just wearing the letters. It is an honor bestowed upon a few select ladies that will last forever. Each lady works hard to help the chapter in many ways and takes pride in the boys, the house, and the letters she wears. From philanthropies to helping with rush, to helping fix up things around the house, you will always see these women around helping to make the Theta Xi Chapter the best. Sigma Nu does a great deal to help the community, which is one reason we enjoy being associated with these young men. 


    We also like Sigma Nu because they are more than a fraternity; they are a tight knit family of brothers. Each brother personally knows the other and sees him as a part of his family. That is what keeps bringing us back to Sigma Nu. While we may not be brothers, each brother has made an effort to get to know us and treats us with honor and respect. The friendships we have made with these men, as well as each other, are ones that will last a lifetime. When you become a Lady of Sigma Nu, it is like you get 28 new big brothers who are there for you and will be there if you need anything.  This is what we enjoy most about Sigma Nu and the brothers of the Theta Xi Chapter."


    Little Sisters of Sigma Nu



  • Kathleen Brady


    Kathleen is a Senior completing her second major in Meteorology. She is a member of both Pi Beta Phi sorority and Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity. She became a Little Sister in Spring 2014.




    Townley Clements


    Townley is a Junior majoring in Nursing at Radford University. She is a member of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority. She became a Little Sister in Spring 2014.



    Courtney Penzo


    Courtney is a Senior majoring in History.

    She became a Little Sister in Spring 2014.



    Katie Printz


    Katie is a Senior majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Green Engineering. She is a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. She became a Little Sister in Fall 2014.



    Lexie Slocum


    Lexie is a Sophomore majoring in Animal

    and Poultry Science. She became a Little

    Sister in Fall 2014.







    Sweetheart Badge
    There's the old saying that behind every great man is a great woman.  Well, this statement rings true for our fraternity.  Continuing a time honored tradition in our chapter, the Ladies of Sigma Nu are the select few women that we honor by presenting them with our letters for their love of our chapter and brothers.  Once a year, we bestow upon one of them our highest honor and title for a female non-member: Sweetheart of Sigma Nu. 
             2015 Sweetheart

    Christine Lovas